What opinions and comments can be made on Investous ? Why should you choose Investous instead of any other broker to do online trading? And above all, what are the real advantages of using its trading platform ?

I created this site to answer all your questions about Investous and to do it in a realistic and truthful way. I have chosen to offer you something different from the other blogs and portals that you can find online.

Most sites have the sole purpose of making a broker look better than it is, and do you know why? Because they have something to earn. I will not be here to explain how and how much they earn, I do not want to waste your time .

Rather I want to explain to you why I chose to create this site and offer you my opinions on Investous.

Why did I make this review on Investous?

Before giving my opinions on Investous , I really want to tell you my story in short. My name is Fabrizio Nicolosi and I am an Italian professional trader, but it is not what I have always been.

Up to 6 years, 4 months and 5 days ago I was a quiet private employee. Within 2 years I decided to leave my permanent contract to do online trading. Why did I do it?

You and I have something in common, we found ourselves in the same situation . At different times in our lives: we have been interested in online trading.

The reasons for doing so can be the most disparate:

  • Perhaps you seek financial freedom with trading

  • Maybe you just want to just try to round off your salary

  • You may want to trade for hobbies

  • Some do it because they want a work from home and independent

  • Others have the dream of becoming millionaires

After 2 years of experience, when my trading income was now the same as my employee salary, I decided to leave my old job . It was not an easy choice, but I had confidence in myself and the chance to make money with Investous.

Well … Before continuing with the review it is important that you understand one thing: my experience has taught me that whatever your initial goal in trading is, this¬†is not an activity for everyone.

If you do not want to take on the challenge, walk the “trader’s path” and put the maximum dedication, then this sector is not for you, you can also¬†leave my site immediately¬†: you would only lose time and money.

If you have intentions other than those of 95% of those who are interested in trading , then I tell you: what are you waiting for ?!

Follow me, I can show you how a real trader can get his economic freedom by trading with a broker like Investous.


What are the advantages of choosing Investous?

Needless to deny the evidence.¬†In 6 years I’ve seen all the colors, I’ve tried many brokers, but in the end I’m here to¬†talk about¬†Investous¬†and you know why?

Because I do not want to waste you time.¬†I’ve lost a lot in the past while looking for a decent broker.¬†I lost time and money to understand one thing: the brokers¬†are all the same¬†at the end!¬†All brokers offer the same services:

  • Account opening

  • Trading platform

  • Demonstration account

  • Deposit / withdrawal services

(Neither¬†Investous¬†nor the other brokers offer an ”¬†online trading bonus¬†” service because it is not like going to the casino and anyone who really respects the strict regulation can not offer it of any kind).

But based on this reasoning, why did I choose the services of Investous? There is only one reason, one and only one: Investous has never disappointed me as a client.

In the past I tried 4 brokers before moving to Investous, I left them all as soon as something disappointing happened:

  1. Delay in payments?

  2. Rude customer service?

  3. Platform that crashes?

Even one of these inconveniences and I was already ready to close the bill and go to the next highest bidder. To date with Investous I have not had ANY PROBLEM and this despite having read some negative opinions before signing up, then proved to be unfounded.

The 3 main advantages (PRO) of Investous

Here I do not want to talk about the technical advantages of the broker, the platform etc.¬†Investous¬†is a top broker.¬†Everyone knows that its platform is excellent and that the trading it offers is of a high standard.¬†The real advantages of a broker for me are others: reside in the broker values¬†.¬†I found 3 values ‚Äč‚Äčthat I liked very much in this company:

# 1 Honesty

Investous is a 110% honest broker.¬†This means that it acts in favor of its customers and not against them.¬†It does not make money on traders’ losses and does not do the platform data to make it lose.¬†Furthermore, it is a broker¬†regulated by CySEC¬†and by¬†Consob¬†, authorized to operate in Italy.

# 2 Transparency

Another fundamental value of brokers is transparency. This value is reflected in everything related to the economic management of your account. Deposits and withdrawals with Investous are easy to make and understand. You get money in a practical and fast way through various payment methods , without a problem, without ever making a fuss.

# 3 Respect

Sometimes I have contacted Investous customer support, even for trading advice. They have excellent service. It may seem secondary, but the quality of a broker is first of all understood by the behavior of the customer support it offers. A poor customer service generates poor service, if not a real scam (read the topic on page Investous scam .

The main disadvantage (CONS) of Investous

Although there is a lot of informative material, in my opinion it would be better to add more tutorials and guides for those with a higher level of experience. The site is not very rich in this material for more experienced traders who want to improve further .

On the other hand there is a lot of educational and informative material for all traders who are at a medium-low level of experience, so they can learn everything about the basics of online trading.


How does Investous work? My review and my opinions

In all the reviews of Investous that you can find online, everyone is going to show how easy it is to use Investous, that the platform is intuitive and easy to use even for those who are not very versed in information technology.

This is true! But everyone forgets to make a big distinction. Using the tools of Investous is actually very simple: the difficult thing is to trade, or rather, to trade in a winning way .

When I went around looking for a review of Investous on the trading industry forum, what did I find out? That everyone warned the broker because he would lose money . Then to a more in-depth analysis I discovered a disconcerting fact.

Those who spoke were nothing but neophytes, people who never traded and wondered how they had lost their money. It is not for me to judge, but I ask myself: how can you be so stupid?

Starting to trade without even knowing where to put your hands is like trying to climb a mountain without ever having even made a simple hike in the hills … It’s pure madness!

Preparation: the key to success with Investous

Are you really interested in being prepared for trading with Investous and being successful in your investment business? Then there is only one thing to do: increase your level of competence and preparation.

Investous is very specialized precisely in introducing new people to the world of online trading to ensure that their capital to be invested is not thrown to the wind but should be used with criteria, only in this way capital will grow and grow well .

The best tool to succeed in trading is the Investous demo account . Using the demo account is certainly the shortcut to learn to dominate the financial markets and get rid of great economic satisfactions with this broker.

I have used this very much, and all the other tools that Investous offers exclusively to its customers to become a better trader and make what I started as a passion, a real profession.

Concluding opinions on Investous

Do you want to know the truth? Reaching important goals in the field of online trading does not depend so much on the broker you sign up for, but on the choices you make.

Yes, Investous for me was the broker that made the difference, but remember one thing: true success in trading depends for a 20% on technical matters, but 80% is just a psychological issue , mentality, of mindset.

I have not yet enriched myself with this activity, I have not made the millions that many fake gurus declare, but I know one thing: trading with Investous gave me my first financial freedom and you know why? Do you know how I managed to get it?

I made a choice.¬†I chose to abandon my fears.¬†I chose not to be scared by those 250 ‚ā¨ minimum deposit, from the difficulties I knew I would have met along the way, from the fact that I did not feel ready …

The truth is that in life you will NEVER feel ready to do anything, but if you have finally made the decision to throw yourself and start trading forex, then you absolutely must try Investous!

I leave you my biggest good luck ! And good trading.