If the real secret of success in online trading is the practice, then know that there is no better place to do it than on a demo account .

Investous is a broker attentive to the needs of its customers , so it offers the possibility to open a free demo account where to do all the practice and all the trading simulations that you need to understand how the markets work and improve their negotiation techniques.

As you already know I am Fabrizio Nicolosi and I am a customer of Investous. I created this portal to provide reliable information on the broker by telling my experience and offering advice to those who are thinking of starting a trading path with this broker.

Today I will talk about demo account and how to best use this tool offered by Investous . If the demo account is used properly, it can lead to surprising results and a constant improvement of skills as financial operators.

What is a demo account?

We try to give a definition of demo account to understand what we are talking about.¬†The “demo” account is an alternative to the¬†real account¬†where the money you¬†deposited with the broker is located.

To give a definition of demo account we can say that it is a simulation platform that is equal in all respects to that where you do real trading, with the big difference that here you work with virtual money for the sole purpose of doing tests and simulations of real trading activity.


Why is important to do these tests and simulations?

I do not know what you’ve heard of and what¬†your beliefs are¬†in terms of online trading, but one thing I can assure you: trading is not impossible, but it’s not even a very simple thing.

If they tried to make you believe that it was enough to crush two or three buttons and become a millionaire the next day, they made fun of you. Trading is a serious and complex activity: that everyone can learn.

Here, here comes the demo account with all its importance . To start the learning process and avoid losing money and feeling frustrated, it is helpful to take the first steps in a protected environment where your funds can not be lost and where your wrong decisions have a very relative impact.

The demo account is precisely this protected environment where to practice trading , identify the best assets, develop their investment strategies and do all of this without losing even one euro. Do you understand now why this service offered by Investous is so important?

Dominate Trading with the Demo account

If your goal is really to earn with Investous , then my advice remains the same: to practice constantly.

By “constant practice” I mean¬†one or two hours a day¬†when you are completely focused on trading.¬†A time of day when you leave out all the thoughts and problems of everyday life to focus only on the activity you want to give you¬†financial freedom¬†: online trading with a quality broker.

In life as in trading you never stop learning, but your job is to reach the learning threshold as soon as possible, beyond which you will be able to dominate markets enough to guarantee a monthly income. This can bring you to 2 potential goals:

  1. Round up your revenue from another job

  2. Start living with just the income from online trading

This process lasted for 6 years . After the first 2 years my earnings were around 400 euros a month which added to the basic salary. Today I live by trading only and I can not even tell you how much this makes me proud and happy.

Why choose the Investous demo?

As you have understood, the demo account¬†is very important¬†, but beware: a demo account offered by a poor broker is like going to a gym with 30-year-old rusty tools, it can not work, you’ll never get the same results.

In this site I deal with Investous because it is a quality broker and this quality is also reflected in his demo account which has 3 features that you can not really miss:

  • FREE:¬†Investous¬†provides you with your own training platform to become great in online trading in a completely free way.¬†What you ask for as an entry ticket is only your initial deposit.¬†No matter how much the¬†deposit is¬†, the important thing is to do it.¬†Investous¬†requires it to avoid registration of interested persons only to exploit the demo account and not to become real customers.

  • UNLIMITED¬†: the¬†Investous¬†demonstration account is not only free but also unlimited.¬†Many brokers set limits on using the demo account they offer.¬†Some only grant it for 10 days, others with only a few virtual money loaded on top of it, others still do not allow it at all.¬†Investous¬†allows you to make unlimited practice with the demo account always available to you.

  • EFFECTIVE:¬†in the demo version you can use the¬†trading platform¬†in all its features without any limitation.¬†You can visit all the sections, look at the trading charts and do any kind of interaction or analysis on them.¬†In this way learning can be really effective and the simulations you go to do become really realistic, able to make you experience the emotions of trading.


Demo Platform: How to use it better?

On the demo platform you can practice trading CFD online (contracts for difference). This means that you can freely choose to trade any asset , not just those related to Forex. There are dozens of them.

With the Free demo you can do simulations on markets such as:

  • Forex¬†: the foreign currency exchange market is one of the most popular for trading operations because it is full of favorable opportunities to take action.¬†Inside it includes really famous currency pairs such as EUR / USD, or GBP / USD and many more.

  • Indices¬†: you can also choose within the index market, the famous stock baskets that are the tangible sign of the economic trend of entire nations.¬†We have the¬†Nasdaq¬†, the S & P 500, the¬†FTSE¬†and many others.

  • Cryptocurrency:¬†in my opinion at the moment and for the future there is not a more interesting and important market than that of virtual currencies.¬†Bitcoin with all its virtual “cousins” represents a great opportunity for any financial operator who knows how to take advantage of the continuous market fluctuations and great volatility.

  • Raw materials¬†: on the demo account of¬†Investous¬†obviously could not miss the raw materials.¬†For me they are ideal for all those traders who do not like to take big risks on the financial markets and I want to operate in complete safety.¬†These are low volatility markets that allow you to make large profits over the long / medium term.

  • Actions¬†: the stock is really the most exciting of the markets so far treated.¬†On the demo account you can decide to do trading simulations putting the virtual money at your disposal on major companies such as Facebook or Microsoft, there is really nothing better to understand how the bargaining takes place on their actions.

Technical Analysis with the Demo Account

A fundamental market analysis has been prepared before taking action: only through these analyzes will it be possible to proceed with trading operations that are aware of and are committed to achieving clear and realistic profit targets.

The Investous platform allows you to analyze in detail the study of charts and trading with maximum security. Beware, this does not protect you from losses that unfortunately in the captain and are part of the risk of the trade, but analysis helps you to reduce the risk.

With the tools of technical analysis you will always have a clear picture of the direction in which the market is moving. The study of the markets can be divided into 3 areas , all of which can be explored thanks to the magnificent Investous platform:

  • Graphic Analysis (with the tools present on the platform itself)

  • Market analysis

  • Monitoring of macroeconomic data (through news and updates)

All this leads to an extreme optimization of trading strategies and then finally to better revenue at the end of the month.

How to open the demo account

To get access to your free demo account, the first step is to register at Investous. To do this, just enter a few personal data and confirm everything.

The most important thing is to pay attention to insert truthful and correct data otherwise it will be impossible for the employees of Investous to offer you access to the demo account. With the demo account the broker also offers you other interesting services such as:

  • Trading signals of Investous

  • Seminars on trading

  • Webinar

At the end of the preliminary registration process, you must confirm your identity by sending a document. You can do it in 2 minutes even through your smartphone.

Conclusions on the Demo of Investous

With this guide I hope I have underlined the importance of having a demo account and exploiting it to the fullest extent possible.

With Investous you have access to a unique tool and on a platform created by one of the best brokers in the world: what better opportunity than this can you find to realize your dreams of financial freedom by trading online?