How did Investous convince me to immediately become your client? Demonstrating immediately that I could trust him. Do you want to know how he managed to immediately gain my trust? As I explained in the other pages of this site, the answer is simple : offering a transparent and high quality service. And for me transparency and quality pass first through the service of Investous deposit and withdrawal of a broker. 

I’m not the kind of person that wastes time.¬†When I do my tests on a broker, the first thing I’m going to evaluate is always the financial one.¬†I do not like waiting¬†, the less I like to wait when it comes to receiving payments.¬†In the past I abandoned brokers for the simple fact of having spent one more day on the fixed deadline to send me the payment of the earnings.¬†These things are not tolerable for me, in fact I will say more: it should not tolerate any trader.

The Seriousness of Investous payments

In my experience I have never met a faster and more organized broker on the side of deposits and withdrawals of¬†Investous. Unfortunately, many intermediaries really leave something to be desired from this point of view and they are not very serious and disorganized, but from personal experience I can say that¬†this is not the case with¬†Investous.¬†There are 4 points that I would like to highlight regarding the broker’s money transfer service:

  1. Speed¬†: as mentioned by the broker there are no slowdowns.¬†As soon as you deposit the money, it becomes immediately available on your account and can be used to trade online without any restrictions.¬†Deposits 250 euros?¬†Here is that 250 euros appear on your account (even if you’re looking at your¬†demo account¬†you can see how much you have on the real account), not even a penny less.¬†Withdrawals follow the same rules.

  2. Safety : with Investous we feel really comfortable when we talk about deposits and withdrawals because these operations can be carried out in complete safety. The bank details are never in contact with third parties and not even the broker has access to them, the same applies to all personal data of the user, all this ensures the possibility of closing deposit and withdrawal without taking risks (read more Scam section Investous ).

  3. Versatility : do you have a bank account or a credit card? Do you have a simple prepaid card or an electronic wallet to use for your money transfers? With Investous it makes no difference, you can use the method you prefer and you will not encounter problems of any kind. With the modern deposit and withdrawal methods, the operations also become very simple to manage and with a few clicks you can complete any deposit or withdrawal.

  4. Low costs¬†: the withdrawal costs are very low and depend mainly on the chosen withdrawal method.¬†It goes from 3.5% of the total amount taken in the case of credit cards, to finish at a minimum of 0.9% for those using WebMoney.¬†To give an example, this means that if you withdraw ‚ā¨ 100, the withdrawal costs are ‚ā¨ 3.50.¬†Definitely below average compared to other brokers.


Which deposit and withdrawal methods can I use?

Do you want my personal advice? Soon I want to introduce you the deposit and withdrawal methods that in my experience have proved more effective, but in the meantime I want to make a list of all the available options to let you know the wide variety of options available:

  • Switch

  • Discover

  • JCB

  • PaySafe Card

  • Visa

  • Wire Transfer

  • MasterCard

  • Skrill

  • Neteller

  • American Express

Recommended prepaid card: Poste Pay

PostePay is the most popular prepaid card in Italy as it is a financial product offered by Poste Italiane. Being a prepaid card, it offers enormous advantages, so I almost always choose to use it for my online operations:

  1. Security : PostePay is a card of the Visa circuit, one of the most important in the world, which means that it is protected and safe for online purchases. Moreover, the deposit and withdrawal operations are practical and fast with the PostePay and can be carried out at any time. The withdrawal cost is 3.50% per transaction.

  2. Practicality : do not want to take any risks by depositing on Investous? So this is the solution for you. The prepaid allows you to load only the deposit you want to make on Investous, you do not need to charge even one euro more, so even in the worst case you would not really run any risk because you can not steal more money from the card .

Recommended E-Wallet: Skrill

After all, all payment methods of Investous are fast and safe, but Skrill is really a thunderbolt. Whether it is depositing or withdrawing this service, it offers a speed that can impress. Deposits are almost instantaneous , which is really useful in online trading if there is a sudden trading opportunity that you do not want to miss, but you need a quick deposit because you have no available capital. The same applies to withdrawals. Electronic portfolios dominate from the point of view of speed because they are not forced to go through the bureaucratic lengths of which the banks are victimized, very annoying aspect of their service. Moreover, they are also much cheaper as regards deposit or withdrawal costs.

Safe but slower method: Bank transfer

A method that is very safe and transparent from all points of view is bank transfer. The only problem with this method is that deposits and withdrawals take longer than any other method. The first time I signed up for Investous, I made the minimum deposit by bank transfer. My bank took 7 working days to get the money in the account and I missed a trading opportunity that interested me. Of course from the point of view of security, nothing to complain. Bank transfer is always a method to be taken into consideration, also because many do not have alternatives.

Conclusions on Deposits and Withdrawals of Investous

Many traders write to me because they do not trust to make deposits and withdrawals online with the brokers.¬†My answer is always the same: it all depends on the broker you choose.¬†I¬†have tested 4¬†in my life I can say that I was surprised in a positive sense, just by¬†Investous¬†and it is no coincidence that I am still his client.¬†And what are you waiting for?¬†If it’s the deposits and withdrawals that worry you now you know how to get them and you know you can trust¬†Investous.¬†For any other questions, leave me a comment.¬†Or write to me, as always I will be happy to answer any questions on¬†Investous¬†or even on the¬†topics of trading¬†in general and I will also explain how I started¬†making money with Investous¬†!