Investous scam ? Many of my readers and those who follow this site have asked me this question. This is why I chose to devote an entire guide to the subject .

The first thing I want to say is the following: doing research of this kind online is useless.¬†It’s completely useless and you know why?¬†It is almost impossible to find¬†valid¬†, truthful and disinterested information.

On this site I’m trying to do something different.¬†I want to tell my personal experience with¬†Investous¬†and believe me, if I decided to make a site on this broker it’s because I know a lot about¬†how online trading works¬†.

After 6 years of experience I have seen them cooked and raw, but I have always managed to avoid the scams in the field of online trading, you know how I did?

No, I’m not a genius of evil and I do not even have a sixth sense that allows me to smell scams, the truth is very simple and is that¬†the scams in online trading do not exist¬†.¬†The sooner you convince yourself the better it will be for your wallet.

So the reasoning is very simple.¬†If there are no scams in trading even Investous is a scam.¬†Keep reading and¬†I’ll show you why¬†.


Why Investous is not a scam?

The trading sector has had a bad reputation for years and as a result the brokers are no exception and are very often misunderstood .

There is a law in force: brokers either love them or hate them, why? Very simple there are 2 categories of people:

  • Those who earn with the brokers and love them

  • Those who lose by trading and hate them

Unfortunately there is a big problem, those who earn in the field of trading are only 5% of people. The remaining 95% of traders lose .

So it will not be hard to imagine why most people hate brokers and hate the online trading platform, even when offered by brokers who do not scam like Investous!

To lose does not like anyone, but since most people burn their capital in a nothing is normal that then you start talking about scam … do not you find?

So what’s the problem?¬†It is you!

As I always say to all my friends who ask me “how do you live trading ?!” there is only one piece of advice I want to give you:¬†stop thinkingthat trading with¬†Investous¬†is a scam!

Begin to trust online trading and your broker, this is the first step towards economic freedom in online financial markets. And how do you hope to get to the bottom if you have not even completed the first step yet ?

Change of vision: how I became a trader

January 24, 2012, I sat in my office bored as usual, looking for a way to pass the time before the exit time. My only outlet? Surf the internet looking for something stimulating that never came .

By clicking here and there at some point I see it.¬†A pop-up ad on trading ”¬†Earn 7000 euros per day with online trading¬†“.

I can not deny that I immediately thought “here is yet another scam”, just to see what it was I clicked and my life has changed.¬†Soon¬†2 things happened¬†:

  1. I discovered that trading was my greatest passion

  2. I lost 500 euros on the EUR / USD going short on an uptrend

Fraud?¬†No … Absolutely not, the problem was me,¬†I did not know how to trade¬†.¬†Since then a lot of time has passed, my passion has always remained the same, but something has changed: now from trading I gain.

I’ve tried several brokers, some good ones, some less, now I’m trading and I started¬†making money with Investous¬†, why?¬†To those who ask me I always give the same answer and I’m also sick of repeating it:

  1. It is a reliable broker : Investous is NOT a scam, but a broker that works together with its customers shoulder to shoulder to favor them in their path of financial growth.

  2. It is a transparent broker : if I have to choose to trade with someone I want to do it with those who show the maximum transparency. Investous does not earn on customer losses and makes me deposit and withdraw whenever I want.

  3. It is a respectful broker : as in every activity, customers must always be placed first. I have seen many brokers in 6 years, but the only one I repeat, the ONLY that has always treated me with white gloves and the maximum support and respect is Investous.


Investous and the CySEC regulation

Looking for information on other sites and what do you find? Everyone says the same thing about brokers, do they have the CySEC regulation ? So they are honest. CySEC = Honesty.

Do you know what the truth is?¬†Things are not exactly like that.¬†It is true that CySEC brokers are not scammers.¬†They manage customers’ money impeccably and¬†do not commit irregularities¬†.

What escapes traders, however, is that the CySEC regulation does not guarantee the quality of service ! It is said that an authorized broker that does not scam is also a level broker that really knows how to treat its customers.

I personally if I have to choose a broker, I choose the one with the best service, so the CySEC license now everyone has it, even the poor brokers (which are not scammers anyway).

Investous the license obviously has it, but I would not do anything without its excellent quality of service.

Conclusions: trading scams

Yes I know. Probably not even the things you read here will convince you that Investous does not scam and that trading is an opportunity and not a threat , but let me tell you something.

What do you really want? If you are interested in trading just to make money you are on the wrong path. But if you see the opportunity in trading then do not hesitate any further :

  1. Free yourself from the fears of scams

  2. Change your mentality

  3. Become a professional with Investous

This is really the only possible way. What I have traveled to get today to leave the job that I did not want to do and earn my honest online salary. What are you waiting for?