Among the main reasons that led me to choose Investous as my broker online trading is definitely its trading platform .

But what exactly is it? How does your platform work? How can you make money with Investous using it?

This is my guide on how to use the Investous platform to make profits and on the Investous page you will find more details. I spent a lot of time now trading on it and I deepened the functions a lot.

With the Investous platform you can send orders to the market in a few moments, follow the market evolution and customize every aspect of your market operations to the maximum.

It is a powerful tool that every trader would like to have available to operate on the markets always with a high level of awareness, and is a tool that Investous offers free in all its functions.

I invite you to come and discover the platform with me.¬†I’ll tell you all the secrets so you can use it¬†to its fullest¬†.

What is a trading platform?

This is not a guide with technical words. On my site dedicated to Investous I speak and explain to my readers just as if they were talking to my best friend or as if they were teaching things to a beginner.

There is no need to speak in “marketese” (as I call the language of high financial trading): the only purpose for which I write is to make myself understood.

Having said that, it is clear that trading is a serious matter and a trading platform is just as serious. But what exactly is it?

If the financial markets are within a click, this happens thanks to the trading platforms. Investous offers its customers a tool to get in touch with the markets for a single purpose: to trade .

Trading means :

  • Buy or sell assets on the financial markets.

What allows us to make the platform of Investous, therefore, is precisely this, allows access to the sale of assets and securities , currencies and cryptocurrencies. In practice, everything you can imagine of wanting to negotiate or that can be a good deal for you.


How to trade on the Investous platform in 5 steps

Now let’s go straight to the point.¬†I want to illustrate the method for opening and closing transactions via the Investous platform, but remember: the hardest thing is not to use the platform,¬†but to make the right¬†buying and selling¬†decisions¬†.

# 1 – Choose a Trading Asset

Once registered with Investous you can immediately access the trading platform, both in demo version, both in version and in real trading version (making an initial deposit ).

Now, let’s say you want to do a trading operation, how do you go?¬†The first thing to do is to choose the asset to trade on.

On the platform of Investous the list of assets is very large, so that you can feel lost! There are so many assets (investment assets) among which you can choose. If you are a beginner I suggest you start with Forex for 2 reasons:

  1. The Forex market is the largest and most famous and on the web there are lots of useful information to help you find your way around trading more easily. Some assets have great cyclicity and market patterns that are more recognizable than others.

  2. Forex is a market with average volatility , what does it mean? In trading you earn more if the movements in the price of assets are more substantial. Volatility is the measure of movements in the price of an asset, high volatility assets are the ones that offer the greatest potential for profit.

What are the other possibilities besides the Forex?

  • Cryptocurrencies:¬†if a minimum you are following the evolution of assets and markets you should know that even cryptocurrencies are and will increasingly be an excellent investment asset: Bitcoin – Monero – Stellar – Ethereum and many more.

  • Indexes¬†: Indexes may seem like something complicated, but in reality they are only baskets that collect the value of the performance of many companies and are indicated for long-term trading at low risk.

  • Raw materials¬†: one of the most suitable markets for newbies is that of raw materials, because it includes goods such as gold and oil, always suitable for a long-term investment as they tend to grow in price and do not need too much analysis .

  • Shares¬†: the stock is also very interesting because it meets the needs of those who love trading on big brands and companies following their development.¬†For example, you can invest on Facebook or Apple depending on personal needs and tastes, both companies can be big business.

# 2 Do market analysis

The second step is to proceed to a good market analysis. Buying and selling an asset without having any kind of information is a suicidal tactic . What you need to do is aim to have as much information as possible to know if there is a case of buying or selling.

How do these analyzes and what analysis do I talk about ? There are two ways to do analysis:

  1. Technical Analysis

  2. Economic Calendar

In the first case you can do everything using the Investous platform. As you noticed the broker provides you with a price chart for each asset on the platform.

Thanks to the technical indicators on the platform itself you can do many types of analysis that allow you to study the past of the price to understand what could be its future.

An example of an indicator? The moving average!

It is an easy-to-read indicator that suggests trading operations simply by looking at its relationship with the price chart:

  • When the price chart candles cut the moving average from top to bottom, you have a¬†sales signal.

  • When the candles cut the price from bottom to top the signal is bullish and therefore it¬†is better to buy¬†.

The second case is that of the economic calendar. Everything that happens in the world like wars, environmental catastrophes, economic crises, bankruptcies in a country or strong economic growth are all signs of trading for those who can catch them in time.

Monetary policies, central bank decisions, international economic policies: everything can become a source of information for your investments.

For example, if the Fed (US Federal Bank ) decides to lower interest rates, the dollar will strengthen on the market: clear bullish Forex signal that suggests possible operations on currency pairs that include the dollar.

# 3 Buy or sell

Only after doing all your analysis and after collecting all the elements suitable for making a conscious or sensible trading decision can you decide where to click.

  1. “Buy”¬†button: this button decrees your entry into the market in a bullish position means that from the moment you enter the market you can earn if the price of the asset where you are trading grows.¬†The higher the price, the more your profits will grow.

  2. “Sell”¬†button: this button instead decrees to enter the market in a bearish position, in this case profits can only be obtained if the price starts to fall at the moment when you enter the market.¬†The lower the price of the asset, the greater will be your earnings.

# 4 Monitoring

Well, now you have opened your market position, the only task right now is to monitor, that is, to check that your position is not at risk and that your investment continues to make money .

The following scenarios may emerge:

  1. Loss : do not be scared, but very often the positions you open end up at a loss. In these cases what to do? Simple! You must close the position as soon as you mature a maximum loss of 5% of your total capital. Do not wait any longer. If you go over 5% loss close and try another operation. The market will most likely not return to sail in your favor:

  2. Earnings¬†: in other cases if you have done well your analysis your positions will be in profit, in this case you can choose to continue indefinitely, keeping the position open up to very high profit levels, or you can close the position on the basis of a rule such as: “reached 10% profit I stop”.¬†The rule must be valid for every single operation you do without risking becoming greedy for profits, this would lead you to lose.

  3. Dynamic stop orders: alternatively you can set dynamic stop losses, ie you can follow the market in its trend and once you are in profit you can decide to close the position automatically to realize a market inversion that leads you to lose profits already accumulated. My advice is to set dynamic stops at 10% maximum of losses on profits already made.

# 5 Closing the position

The final step is the closure of the position that decrees the exit from the market.

As we have seen the closure of the position that occurs through a simple click on the “Close” button, determines your exit from the market.

If your position was in profit then you will immediately see your account grow, if instead the position was at a loss the money will be deducted from your account .

However, always remember the 5% rule. As soon as an operation has lost more than 5% of your total capital, do not remain in the market, but close it immediately. Do not hesitate and do not even think about a second longer.

Support Services on the Investous platform

The Investous platform is full of advantages and options to manage your trading in the best way. For me, the most interesting aspect is another and that is all the support that the trader receives in his trading activity.

  • Investous offers access to an¬†economic calendar¬†that highlights all the main news useful for trading for any trader.

  • For premium customers there is a service of¬†trading signals¬†useful for entering the market when suggested by the broker and with his instructions.

  • There is assistance and live chat that allow you to interact with qualified personnel to better manage your market operations.

Conclusion on trading with Investous

The platform is and will always be the beating heart of your trading activity . If you really want to operate in the traditional way and make good money from your business, the best thing is to choose a professional and up-to-date platform.

In my experience, that of Investous is among the best platforms ever encountered because it simply does not lack anything to do a level trading .

Try it now too, the broker offers you a demo account with 100,000 euros already loaded!