Is it possible to earn with Investous ? How much do you earn with the Investous Forex trading? Is making money with this broker really possible?

Every day I receive dozens of emails like these, which now clog up my mailbox. I read a lot of them, but I answer a few, why?

Most of these questions come from readers who have no intention of trading with the proper techniques . There is only one thought in mind: making money.

I understand that the main objective is that, but we must start from an assumption that must be clear, to trade with Investous does not mean that within a week you start earning 10 thousand euros a day.

I created this site to share my experience with Investous trader and for this reason I want to share with you this practical guide to start making money with Investous.

How much you will earn and how much you will take home monthly are parameters that depend only on you.

The guide is divided into 3 parts:

  1. How to trade on Investous

  2. How to grow profits and increase earnings

  3. Aspects of mental management and capital management

Would you really like to improve your income and become a real trader ? I can not guarantee that by reading this guide you will succeed, but one thing is certain, here you find my method that proved effective because I earned my first salary with online trading.

Are you ready?¬†Let’s start immediately with the¬†Investous trading guide¬†.


First Step: How to trade with Investous

Trading is an art and with this I do not want to say that it is too difficult for you to succeed, but only that as an art it can be learned, learned and mastered.

Let’s talk clearly.¬†With modern¬†trading platforms¬†all, but everyone is able to send a buy and sell order on the financial markets.¬†It’s a matter of a few seconds and you can see your market positions open, but this is not enough to make money.

Everyone says that trading is simple, but nobody says that winning trading is another story. This detail escapes everyone.

How do markets work?

In my guide dedicated to the trading platform of the broker Investous discuss in detail how to send orders to the market and how to choose their trading assets .

Here I want to make for you a more general introduction, how the markets work, what is online trading on Forex and cfd and how it is actually possible to earn by trading with Investous.

On the markets every day trades of goods and titles of every kind are carried out. Millions of investors around the world are participating. From today with online trading, each of us can use their capital to trade all kinds of assets such as:

  • Forex:¬†currency pairs such as euro dollar (EUR / USD) or pound dollar (GBP / USD) etc.

  • Raw materials¬†: gold, oil, coffee, natural gas etc.

  • Indices¬†: equity baskets such as S & P500, FTSEMIB, Nasdaq etc.

  • Actions:¬†you can trade on shares of major companies such as¬†Apple¬†, Facebook, Samsung etc.

The possibilities for trading are therefore almost endless and the online financial activity has become more engaging and profitable than ever.

The trading activity? Here it is explained

What exactly do the traders do? The task of a trader (financial operator) is to use his knowledge of the markets, news and analysis to make the best use of the capital available to him in trading with Investous.

According to the law of supply and demand markets can only move in two directions or trends:

  • Bullish Trend¬†: on an asset when there is an uptrend it means that for a prolonged period of time the price has moved upwards.¬†For example, if we take Facebook actions.¬†These are in a bullish phase if their price has increased in recent times and shows no signs of collapse in the trend itself.

  • Bearish trend¬†: a market is in a bearish trend, however, when its price continues to fall for a certain extended period of time.¬†Think of the actions of Apple, if the launch of a new product were to go wrong the company’s shares would fall in value, for at least a week, perhaps even more.¬†The market would then be in a bearish trend.

In order to earn a trader he must be able to “guess” the right trend, enter the market and stay there until the trend has a deadline:¬†you can earn it¬†for the duration of the trend.

A practical example of trading

Let’s say you are on the¬†Investous¬†platform and looking at¬†the performance of the EUR / USD asset¬†(the euro dollar exchange rate).¬†If you find an uptrend, you can immediately open a market position.

However, it must be a purchase position. Because?

Because an upward trend leads the price to grow. So, if you enter the market and make purchases you can only make profit if the price goes up, but if you open a sales position and the price increases then you will make a loss.

So, let’s say that you are analyzing the euro – dollar exchange rate and notice an uptrend.¬†If at that time the price is at 1.12 and you immediately open a¬†purchase position¬†(with a simple click on the¬†Investous¬†platform) and then the price moves up to 1.19, when you close the position and exit the market you will have made a “capital gain”.

What does it mean?¬†You’ve just earned money.¬†It means that if¬†you have spent 200 euros¬†on that trend, you could have made over 100 euros of profit, and all this is possible in less than 24 hours.

This is the power of trading. This is why so many people are interested in this activity. Its economic potential is truly exceptional.

But wait, do not be too happy because you can make money in trading, but you can also lose it. So in the next step of the guide I want to explain the only way to make more money with a broker like Investous.

Second Step: How to grow earnings with Investous

There are 1000 trading techniques that have been invented to date . Strategies, techniques, tricks, none of these terms can define well what it really takes to get satisfactory results and increase their income with trading.

I’m not here to make fun of you, but to offer concrete advice that led me to earn twice my salary as a municipal employee.

The truth is that there are no secret tricks or strategies to¬†succeed in online trading¬†.¬†The only big factor that can make the difference between a winning trader and a loser on¬†Investous¬†is … PRACTICE.


A method to make money in trading

Many cognitive psychologists who have studied our mental structures and learning methods say that you need at least 10,000 hours to learn how to do well. It would be 3 years of daily practice for 4 hours a day. I have experienced that this is a relative datum. I took 1 year to achieve a return equal to the salary I received previously and I speak of more than 1000 euros per month. To this day I have doubled this same result and you know how I managed it? Doing practice. Now I illustrate you in 3 moves how I did it:

  1. I studied the platform thoroughly : I spent about 1 hour a day for 3 weeks just to investigate all the functions of the platform and how they could come back to me to improve trading performance.

  2. I chose one and only one asset : Apple shares. From the moment I made my choice I spent all the time studying the Apple chart to understand how the price moves. I identified its cyclicality, I understood when bullish and bearish trends develop, when I enter and exit the market until that asset has no more secrets for me.

  3. I used the demo account : after making the first deposit, I threw myself headlong into the demo of the Investous platform. This is a tool that you can use to make trading simulations. Obviously I did all my simulations on Apple actions to make sure to continue my study and study project of the asset that I had selected for me.

These are 3 practical tips that you can put into practice right from the start. I can not guarantee that they will work for you, but they brought me all the results I hoped for, giving me great satisfactions over time. I want to add a tip for choosing the asset. If what you have selected does not convince you or bores you to use the same, over time you can think of introducing others, the important thing is not to waste your resources by trading on assets that you do not know and have not studied before.

Third Step: Mental and Trading Capital Management

The third and final step of this practical guide to earnings with Investous includes 2 aspects that to call fundamental for me is to say little: the mental management and that of the trading capital.

As I like to say, trading is not so much a question of technical skills, but of self-control. I would say that it is a 20% technical and otherwise only mental management. All the wolves of Wall Street know that because of flaws in their personal psychological management they have burned millions of dollars in a single stroke.

Trading involves the responsibility of making continuous decisions. You have to make decisions about when to enter the market and when to get out of it, how much capital to use in an operation and when to settle for the gains of a day.

It is not easy to make all these decisions, but believe me, it becomes even more difficult if you let them get caught up in the emotion and not in the rational part of your brain. To make winning trading you have to put aside the emotions and let only the coldest part of you work.

By doing so, you will be able to make more effective decisions, stop when necessary and stay a few seconds longer when necessary.Unfortunately, all this is learned in particular with the experience, so my advice remains the same: TO PRACTICE .

Also in this case the key resource to be relied upon can be the demo account of Investous because you can practice them trying to automate certain decision-making processes and never let yourself get carried away.

Money Management on Investous

Finally I want to talk about a damn important aspect, but too often underestimated in the trading activity: money management. It is simply the ability to better manage the money that is available to trade.

I have known traders who have made tens of thousands of euros a month, burning them sometimes even in just one day. What was their mistake? Interpret the trading as if it were a kind of casino where the technique does not count, but only luck counts.

The hazards do not go well in life. In my opinion they are not a smart thing even at the casino, so in trading they are to be excluded a priori.The only way to have a real and constant success in financial activity with Investous is to always have control over your finances. I some very simple rules:

  1. Do not trade with money that I can not afford to lose

  2. Never invest more than 30% of the total available capital

  3. Spend at most 60% of the gains obtained with trading

  4. To allocate 30% of the earnings to new trading operations

  5. Invest 10% of earnings in training courses and tools to improve trading

Conclusion on earnings with Investous

Making money with online trading is possible. Doing it with Investous can be even easier using the small tricks and practical strategies I have tried to illustrate here.

Finally my last advice is: do not be in a hurry. Take your time and profits will come.